For the use of incredulous, atheists and other sceptics, I am going to make up a new meaning for the word destiny.

The concept, actually, could also have its own name, that would be something like “Ialreadyknew” or “Ijusttoldyou”, and implies a relationship with our instinct.
We have to take into account that our mind, with the exception of cases of illness, is not malign. It does not try to harm us and does not omit information deliberately to our consciousness just to screw us. The instinct is nothing more than the means that our mind uses to transfer us the conclusion it reached after a series of calculus. The information that our unconsciousness keeps silent is that one that our conscious mind would not be able to process, so it avoids that we (rationally) keep spinning around uselessly to big loads of vast information, when the calculi have been already done and a solution is already been given (which, besides, is normally right). And sometimes we are so arrogant, that we fight this resolution expecting to use solely the logic, and forgetting how useless this action is, taking into account the amounts of information our reasoning ignores.

So, trusting your instinct is believing in yourself, thus there is more of yourself in your unconsciousness than in your contious mind, always stubborn in rationalizing things, searching for reasons or analyzing the possible consequences of every step, even with less data than unknowns. That would be blindly believe: not noticing that you lack of enough information to issue a judgement and expect to place your conscious reflection before your instinct, which gathered huge number of to-our-consciousness-invisible data before judging.

Then (here it comes, the new definition), the feeling that something occurred finally because it was destiny, is actually been caused by your mind, that is yelling “Ijusttoldyou”!, referring to what ended up happening in spite of your persistence; and you “Ialreadynew” that this was going to happen deep inside.

So, it will be better to stick to that sentence “listen to your instinct” (making a distinction between instinct and desire), thus it is smarter. And that is because it has more data, just that; but it is so nice, that in spite of smothering us with everything, it just points out the future outcome, to make it easy.

Original in Spanish

*Improve in English would be thanked.

**Image by John Kenn Mortensen