after the ultimate boredom

After the supreme boredom at MASTER IN CAPACITY OF DATA LOG IN ADVERSE CONDITIONS TO CONCENTRATE BY A STATE OF EXTREME STRESS CAUSED BY INTRA AND EXTRACELLULAR ACUTE AGONY AND BOREDOM, and next to fading not finding more superlative words to lengthen the title of master (which is what they did with the subjects, shame they didn’t know then how to fill them), I began to wonder why architects do not take into account what will be a building destined to while designing it.
I find that window up there very nice, but not that much if they have to paint the glasses brown. Nor do I feel practical a reception glass turning into a mirror during the day (what happens in rehab Vilanova). And college classrooms with echo and reverb… I find it hard to believe with the amount of years Architecture grade lasts… I guess they have enough time to forget some on the way.

These days* I’ve seen that it was very long since I was so so so much bored. What is the time you have been more bored to death? Or what is the last time you have been ultimately bored?


*I wrote this in 2008, during my Master’s Degree. I had already forgotten how the hell … it was.