guoloi method to enlongate pleasure

Do not take it yet
Wait until you finish salivating
And when you do take it,
isolate each single one of the flavors
Use all your senses*
Do you think that you’ve made yourself ready now?
Then wait a little longer
Now ask yourself if it’s worth a try
Will it spoil some other flavor?
Perhaps it is best not to swallow
Spit it like wine
Now dive
Focus on emotion
Now hush
Pull apart the notes
Take one sole tone
and listen to it again
Hear another instrument
Does it sound different?
What does it remind you of?
Do it again
Keep it
Try to recall
It escapes you
You will have to seek
*except for the cat detector, which unfortunately is your sixth, over other XX typical
Original in Spanish: Spanish


“All the stripes thou see on thine hands, oh curious reader, mean that the hand folds from the palm and not from the top, it bends from the joints; therefore the large ones are in those joints, as it is delicate leather, the petites emerge. And to see that this is so look in the neck and forehead, hips, elbows and hocks and inner elbows and buttocks, where the skin is wrinkled and in the soles of the feet are stripes. And there should be, if it were true (as there palmists) buttockists and foreheadists and elbow readers and neck readers and feetists.”

Francisco de Quevedo


Sr. Chinarro Quiromántico Letras (Lyrics)

Éste es tu teléfono en mi mano, en la de él,
va la tuya, y dejará una raya, haz de las suyas,
quiromántico, quiromántico, quiromántico, quiromántico.

Este es su teléfono, poco más sé leer,
corre, ve y dile que me enseñe la cartilla y piérdete,
quiromántico, quiromántico, quiromántico, quiromántico.

Muérete, la línea llega a la muñeca,
Hace frío, y con una pluma roja le sonrío,
y te apunto desde la fila de atrás,
tengo goma y borra como “las manitas”,
quiromántico, quiromántico, quiromántico, quiromántico.