I don’t wanna think in the party that the microbia I’ve been in contact with lately and are currently stopped by stress are preparing for me… for when I lower my guard…

I’ll leave a little hat and some party poppers ready for the occasion.

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after the ultimate boredom

After the supreme boredom at MASTER IN CAPACITY OF DATA LOG IN ADVERSE CONDITIONS TO CONCENTRATE BY A STATE OF EXTREME STRESS CAUSED BY INTRA AND EXTRACELLULAR ACUTE AGONY AND BOREDOM, and next to fading not finding more superlative words to lengthen the title of master (which is what they did with the subjects, shame they didn’t know then how to fill them), I began to wonder why architects do not take into account what will be a building destined to while designing it.
I find that window up there very nice, but not that much if they have to paint the glasses brown. Nor do I feel practical a reception glass turning into a mirror during the day (what happens in rehab Vilanova). And college classrooms with echo and reverb… I find it hard to believe with the amount of years Architecture grade lasts… I guess they have enough time to forget some on the way.

These days* I’ve seen that it was very long since I was so so so much bored. What is the time you have been more bored to death? Or what is the last time you have been ultimately bored?


*I wrote this in 2008, during my Master’s Degree. I had already forgotten how the hell … it was.

occupational risk: the knuckles

Instead of a town regulation making it compulsory to have a bell in the house, mister gas or mister water smashes his knuckles at every entrance. I’m suprised how can wake me up, two floors above, the polite beating of a door. But it happens. And mister water apologizes, smiling, and asks me permission to cross two doors… that happened to be already opened.

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The five essential accessories for a Spanish girl in Wales


Or how a Spaniard (or previous inhabitant of warmer lands) in Wales (or current inhabitant of cooler lands) can survive the way from home to the pub.

1. Legwarmers.

It might be better to bring them from Spain. Here it is a rare garment and expensive when you get to find it. It is not that in Spain they are worn more often, but you can get them anywhere. They are absolutely essential, you can wear them underyor  flare or over your skinny jeans, also with skirts. They protect your ankle of getting cold, so your blood don’t decide “not to go to the feet, ‘cos it’s so cold”. Moreover you contribute to the evolution of fashion, which is cyclic, so you accelerate its progression. (Personal note: You only have to stick to any accessory or “vulgarity” and wait for the fashion to come back to that point, then you could say you were the first to use it…) Let’s be faithful, legwarmers are comming back, and I’ll be the first.

 2. Coat

And you might say, “dude, that’s essential for anyone, not only for an ex-inhabitant of warmer lands”. But you’ll only say that if you haven’t lived in colder lands, where girls use loafers I’d say “one-use” (Personal note: in a couple of years, podologist will be a great job here) and compete to be the one that shows more square meters of flesh… However, the coat must be waterproof and windshield, also in two layers, that isolates better. With hat, otherwise you’ll need six in stead of 5 essential accessories.

3. Neck-cover.

Anything: foulard, scarf or cowl (neck warmer?) If the foulard is too thin, you can use several together, just try them to be similar, we are going to look like an onion (as we say in Spanish, because of the amount of layers), but be can keep the style. XP The neck warmer is absolutely comfortable, adaptable, thin and cheap… Just saying.

4. Hand warmers or muffs.

I hate gloves, they use to keep my hands frozen and avoid the possibility of touching my fingers and cry together. In an alternative market of London, a madam wanted to sell me a pair of long-to-the-elbow-non-finger gloves. She claimed that if you keep warm that vein, your blood wouldn’t be scared of trespassing the wrist saying “I’m not going to the hand, it’s too cold” and circulation continued. I kind of liked the explanation, so I did not by the gloves, but I started using my own muffs more often.

5. Earflaps

They are specially essential for howling windy days. They reduce or postpone the headache and they are easy to find anywhere, you can even try Poundland.

Bonus track:  Everything you buy waterproof is paid off. You can also use a waterproof spray. And, ok, you can carry spare clothes for long time under spitting and constant rain, but you can also use waterproof over-trousers, that you can take off once you reach your destiny pub. 

Well, it is a true delight not to be the whole day with steep feet and soaked legs (skirt, tights, trousers, whatever).

And when you get the hang of it, it doesn’t take you more than three minutes to put on everything. It is recommended to use all, although the way to the pub may be short, thus your body has memory, and if it gets cold once in the way out, next time will want to stay home, and we cannot allow that.

*Do not take it into account, it is my first gif. Germany 2009-10

**It is late, forgive my English