The dialogue complements the panorama, unwittingly, inadvertently.
But the information is opposed, irreconcilable.
And mutate to hostile.
Was it you or the circumstances?
You never wanted more than what you needed.
And it was not your wish to carry and yet pay the price.
No need to moan the outrage any more after the mourning.
You wouldn’t recur and also you’ll never know how you would have outcome.
But you know what to reject.


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I don’t want a dog, a wolf if anything at all.

No dependences, no abandonment, you make your way and I make my own and enjoy carefree the company… if anything at all.

I don’t want a pet, a partner if at all.

Nothing that requires attending, that analyzes my steps to proceed, something that grasps it doesn’t Spanishneed me to breathe… if something at all.

We join the Earth hour.



It’s true that I am a little fed up with the fact that there is no day not followed by “the day of” something, like a surname.

Sometimes it goes too far, like the day of happiness, of kissing or the children’s book* . Others, like in the case of diseases, I want to believe that this is useful to raise awareness about them or as an excuse to raise money…

Well, we have yet another call: this Saturday the 29th of March from 20.30 to 21.30  we “celebrate” the Earth Hour.

We are not going to save the world by turning off the lights one day for one hour, same as we do not fix it talking about politics in a pub. But it is a nice idea, and it does raise awareness. Not to you, that you already know, but to other you can reach, because we use to forget that there are people that do not think like us and may not reach the same conclusions because they did not question the same things.

So, opposite to those who will persevere in their reasoning that the planet have enough resources for their maybe eighty years of life expectancy, with a little of luck, thank to the repercussion, it will reach those really able to change their minds. That hour we will be a part of something global, and we may adopt a new good habit, and make prevail the “there is no need to spend so much“, against the “I can afford it“. We may achieve that someone spends a little fraction of the time (s)he spends counting calories into counting watts.

*Can’t kids just celebrate the regular day of the book? Why would they need two?